Spetses Hotel
Hotel (Seo)

The Brief

The Spetses Hotel website had low traffic and was not on Google’s 1st results page for its services such as:

  • spetses hotel
  • spetses hotel prices
  • spetses 4 star hotel
  • spetses hotels
  • spetses 4 star hotels prices

For this reason Spetses Hotel was highly dependent on booking websites and, as a result, they were paying a lot of money for booking commissions.

Our goal was to increase direct bookings for the hotel in order to reduce booking costs.

Actions taken by eSteps

We compiled an On Page Seo report so we could correct

  • the texts for the website and
  • the technical issues

that prevented the website from climbing up to the 1st page of Google results.

Then we designed and ran quality Off Page Seo campaigns aimed at boosting the Spetses Hotel onto the 1st page of search results on Google.

eSteps Results

  1. 150% increase in traffic from the Off Page Seo campaigns.
  2. 1st page results in popular searches by Greek and foreign customers (see some examples below.
  3. spetses hotel
  4. spetses hotel prices
  5. spetses 4 star hotel
  6. spetses hotels
  7. wooden shutters
  8. spetses 4 star hotels
  9. spetses 4 star hotels prices

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